San Diego Leather - No pissed customer here.

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I bought a leather jacket from San Diego Leather Co.three years ago. Excellent quality at a bargain price.

I wear this jacket from late October to early April.This jacket shows nearly no wear. A great jacket which was made in the USA. From time to time every product may not meet the buyers expectations. Sometimes the customer is unreasonable and is not willing to accept the sellers response.

I have recommended this company to anyone wishing to buy a great leather jacket. Thus far those three friends are fully satisfied with the items purchased. None of us have had a shipping difficulty.

Try this Co. when looking for a quality leather jacket, many made in the USA!!

Product or Service Mentioned: San Diego Leather Jacket.

Reason of review: Good quality.

San Diego Leather - AKA

Sichuan, Sichuan
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San Diego Leather - aka - is a company that does not honor it's word.

Recently, I emailed them to ask about shipping charges for a jacket I wanted. I gave them my exact address overseas and asked for a shipping quote. I received an email from them stating the amount for shipping by UPS would be $55.00.

I found that shipping cost to be acceptable and ordered the jacket. They (the same person) sent me an email that stated that they would ship the jacket via USPS for that price.

I wrote them back and asked that they send it UPS. The difference between sending UPS and USPS to China is a big difference. USPS takes about a month or more to get the package to its destination. UPS takes a week.

They again replied to my request by telling me that the UPS shipping charges would be $145.00. I wrote back to them and attached their email where they had quoted me $55.00 for UPS shipping and I asked that they honor their commitment and their word.

Their final reply was that they will not honor their word and will not ship the jacket so for stated price and method.

This is not a mix-up between sales reps. All correspondence came from one person. His name is Tony. If Tony made a mistake, then it is his mistake and as a representative of the company, the company must stand behind his word whether they like it or not. To do otherwise tells their customers that they (as a company and as individuals) cannot be trusted.

Product or Service Mentioned: San Diego Leather Jacket.

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